Best Go Kart Tracks in Maine

Best Go Kart Tracks in Maine

Welcome to “Best Go Kart Tracks in Maine!” This post is dedicated to those who enjoy a little bit of friendly competition, and we’ll bring you the latest reviews on all the best go kart tracks in Maine.

Here, you’ll find info on some of Maine’s newest go karting tracks, as well as what some of the most popular locations have been up to lately.

Why not give go-karting a try in Maine if you’re seeking for some excitement and a good time with your pals or family? This exciting sport welcomes competitors of all abilities and may be played throughout the year.

If you’re looking for an exciting weekend activity in Maine, go no farther than go-karting, where you can race against your friends and family in a safe and entertaining environment.

Top Go Kart Tracks In Maine

  1. Richmond Karting Speedway
  2. Hazyqdega Raceway, LLC
  3. Big Jake’s Go Karts
  4. Wonder Mountain Fun Park
  5. Seacoast Adventure
  6. Oxford Plains Speedway
  7. Speedway 95 Promotions, INC
  8. Funtown Splashtown USA

Keep reading to get more about the top Maine go-kart courses.

Richmond Karting Speedway

If you and your loved ones are looking for a venue to spend the weekend engaging in friendly competition and making memorable memories, go no further than Richmond Karting Speedway.

Richmond Karting Speedway has many different types of public races throughout the year. These include the Halloween Howler, Step Up, and Heats/Practice Howler. The younger racers really enjoyed Steve’s presence as he spoke to them and helped them out.

Hazyqdega Raceway, LLC

  • Address: 377 Palmyra Rd, St Albans, ME 04971, United States
  • Phone: +1 207-416-3432
  • Website:

Fantastic location if you’re seeking to have a good time. It doesn’t matter whether you hire the whole track or just certain carts; the experience will always be enjoyable and within your budget. Additionally, they provide delicious meals.

In addition, if you want to conduct your own private events at the HazyQdega Raceway, you may hire it out. A large number of public racing events, such as the HazyQdega Awards, Mini-Cups, Dega Night Series, Fun day Series, and many more, are staged at the racetrack on an annual basis in order to maintain a healthy and active level of competition.

Big Jake’s Go Karts

The children will enjoy themselves throughout the whole time. The staff makes every effort to ensure the guests’ security and satisfaction. No bumping!

Made use of the combination. We went to mini golf and played all 27 holes for $21. In addition, our trip on the go-karts cost us $21.

Spent the evening racing that consisted of 100 laps. The track employees were fast to correct any spinning carts, and both the track area and the area beyond the fence were kept clean. The carts went well, but there was a significant gap between the quickest and the slowest of them; thus, they may have been modified to be somewhat more comparable to one another. The evening was enjoyed by everyone in general.

Big Jake’s Go Karts is one of the most popular venues in Maine when it concerns go karting fun.

Wonder Mountain Fun Park

For a family outing, I highly recommend coming here. The electric go-karts are very amazing. They’re a bit different from gas-powered karts due to their lack of noise, but they’re just as quick. They provide a labyrinth and two mini golf courses. The golf courses are average, in my opinion, with neither a lot of easy spots nor a lot of challenging ones. The poor quality of the arcade is the only real drawback to this venue. Most of the games were broken when I went. Stay focused on golf and go-karts, and you’ll have a blast.

Seacoast Adventure

The exciting activities included mini golf and go cart racing. Their failure may be attributed to the go carts. The dual sisters are in need of an improvement. They are not in very good condition. Because the restaurant did not give off an appealing vibe, we decided to go somewhere else to eat instead.

Due to my dad’s mobility limitations, I was uncertain as to whether or not this location would be enjoyable or safe for him to visit. It came as a pleasant shock to learn that it is easily accessible, that they play excellent music, and that there are a variety of activities to participate in if you get bored of tubing. My whole family and I enjoyed a fantastic weekend together.

The ropes course was a lot of fun for all of us. The ropes are fun for families with children aged 10 and above and are recommended for such groups. Oops, I forgot to say that the people working on the go karts were really fantastic.

Oxford Plains Speedway

  • Address: 785 Main St, Oxford, ME 04270, United States
  • Length: 0.375 miles
  • Owner: Tom Mayberry
  • Opened: 1950
  • Phone: +1 207-539-8865
  • Website:

Excellent competition at the Oxford Plains Speedway. The Oxford 250 is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious short-track races that spectators may experience. As someone whose dad uses a wheelchair, I can attest that Oxford Plains Speedway features convenient wheelchair parking as well as a wheelchair-accessible restroom that is spacious enough to accommodate power wheelchairs.

It’s nice that there are many different types of racing, but it seems that safety concerns for drivers and spectators aren’t given a lot of weight in the decision-making process. I believe that an investment must be done in lieu of safety in near future. The staff there is extremely nice, however the track is becoming old and out of date. The food was really great!

Speedway 95 Promotions, INC

My wife, son and I came here to see the races for the first time, and we were very impressed with how well organized every aspect of it was. We were also thrilled that they have a small midway with some pretty cool rides!

We had a great time racing, but we didn’t have any luck on the midway. The food was great too!

Overall, the place was accommodating and the karts were enjoyable for all ages.

Funtown Splashtown USA

It’s wonderful to be here. There’s a water park section and a conventional rides section. You may get cheap tickets at several of the local campsites. A wide variety of restaurants and businesses selling souvenirs may be found in this area. There is no significant difference in price from comparable theme parks. Even though we aren’t originally from the area, we want to make Saco a priority on any future visits.

Bottom Line

If you have not been to these locations, now is a good time to make a decision. These venues are some of the best places for having fun. They provide you with both peace of mind and excitement. The whole family will have a great time together.

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