Best Go Kart Tracks in Seattle

Best Go Kart Tracks in Seattle

Good news for anyone in the Seattle area seeking for a thrilling go-kart adventure: there are many options. You have your selection of excellent venues, with both indoor and outdoor tracks available for your racing needs.

To quote my favorite character from the movie “Fast Five”, I’m ‘on vacation’!

But before we go on our two-day race around Seattle in a ton of fast cars, we might as well go for a track day.

That’s why I’m going to share with you the best go-kart tracks in Seattle near you.

Top Go Kart Tracks in Seattle

  1. Skyart Indoor Racing Center
  2. PGP Motorsports Park
  3. PSGKA
  4. K1 Speed
  5. Traxx Indoor Raceway

This post features reviews of the top go-kart tracks and a map to their locations. So without further ado, let’s hop in!

Sykart Indoor Racing Center

About fifteen minutes south of Seattle is where you’ll find the Sykart Indoor Racing Center. They include a huge indoor karting circuit, ample parking, and a well-stocked pro shop. As well as being well-lit, the track also has a nice diversity of curves and straightaways.

You may choose between open practice, timed races, and leagues, and the staff is always willing to provide a hand. In addition, you may book in advance to guarantee a time slot, and special events can be held in this space.

Sykart Indoor Racing Center is a great time for kids and grownups alike. Thanks to the availability of two distinct circuits, kart racers of every age and skill level will feel right at home here.

PGP Motorsports Park

What a fantastic location! Superb outdoor facility with plenty of room for the track. If you’re looking for a fun and safe karting environment that the whole family can enjoy, look no further. K1 Speed is an indoor venue that is quite tiny in comparison to this, therefore I would suggest you should visit this place instead of that. If this is your first time, I recommend attending at least two races so that you can get a feel for the layout.

I thought I had experience driving fast go karts before coming here, but wow was I wrong. Wow that speed! The distance covered by the track is massive. They won’t let you drive with your visor up since your helmet will fog up quickly. Additionally, the seats do not provide a snug fit like those seen in racing cars. As a result of all the slipping and sliding, your back and ribs take a beating. Having said that, I still wouldn’t let any of those problems deter me from coming back. You should definitely check it out if you’re in the market for anything fast.


Wonderful fun; I recommend it highly. Children as young as five and as old as thirteen take part in a class-wide fun run. There was a pleasant audience, delicious food, fully covered bleachers, enough parking, and no stairs. First, second, and third place finishers in each division receive trophies. You can get a pit pass for $20 if you really want to.

To put it simply, I had a great time! Scott is really accommodating and quick to respond to both phone calls and emails, and the rest of the staff is just as kind. I plan to come back very soon.

K1 Speed

Thanks to the front desk receptionist’s heads-up about their awesome Tuesday offer, I was able to pick up a pair for the duration of the workweek. In this case, though, the person who assisted my kid with the go-kart went out of his way to do so, and I am very grateful. I thanked the front desk clerk directly.

Top-notch go-karts and a well-thought-out course design combine to provide a thrilling racing experience. The leaderboards and lap counters provide a healthy dose of friendly rivalry. It was a bummer that I had to show there in person to register and then wait around for another two and a half hours before I could start the event. There is a lot of noise in the lobby, and it might need some maintenance. Though I rate it as only OK, I like having a physical facility in my hometown of Bellevue.

Traxx Indoor Raceway

Everything about it is great. The gas-powered carts, low membership prices, helpful staff, entertaining course, and several racing possibilities for children all add up to a great place for family enjoyment. It’s not cheap, but its money well spent. There’s a fantastic spot to have a good time if you don’t mind spending a little bit of cash.

This venue is perfect for a birthday celebration! Both children and grownups enjoyed themselves immensely. Extremely careful and methodical.

Positive interactions with staff and quick go-carts. It’s a touch old, but that’s almost part of the space’s beauty. You’ll need cash for lockers, and if you’re petite like me, the karts will likely bruise your back. Yet, I have a hunch that they provide booster seats and other seat cushions for youngsters, so I could give them a go the next time we go. We intend to return next year.

Wrapping Up

I have been to five go-karting tracks in Seattle, and they all have something in common. At each of them, I was greeted upon arrival; the staff was very friendly; maintenance crews worked hard to keep the tracks running smoothly; and the karts were in great shape.

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