How Much Does It Cost To Build A Two-Seater Go-Kart?

It will cost you anything from $860 to $2000 to make your own go-kart from scratch, but you can sweeten the pot if you want.
Cost To Build A Two-Seater Go-Kart

My dad is a car mechanic, and he really enjoys this kind of stuff. He’s the one that does all the work on our cars. In fact, the only time I’m in the shop is to wash windows or clean the tires.

That’s probably why I’m so interested in writing this article about how much it costs to build a go-kart.

I don’t know how much building these things costs, but I have an idea of what my dad pays for the parts. Here’s an article that explains how much does it cost to build a two-seater go-kart.

But before that, here’s a video that shows that these guys built the go-kart for $50. Crazy! right?

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and are looking for a project that will inspire your inner engineer/artist/scientist, building a go-kart is a perfect choice. From customizing the basic frame to choosing the right engine to dress up with all the bells and whistles – it’s a project unlike any other! Let’s have a look at how much this adventure will cost you!

It will cost you anything from $860 to $2000 to make your own go-kart from scratch, with the price fluctuating depending on whether you want to purchase used or new components.

You can sweeten the pot according to your own desire. Regardless of your financial situation, a DIY go-kart can easily be built for less than $860 if you aren’t interested in spending on new parts.

In the table that I’ve provided below, you’ll see a breakdown of the costs associated with each component, as well as the grand total.

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Build Your Own Go Kart – Guide.

Go-Kart PartPart Price (Used)
Throttle Cable$4
Live Axle$25
Brake Kit$80
Steering Kit$90
Total Cost$860

How Much Does Each Part Cost?

While there are many websites on the internet that will ask you to buy each product separately but it won’t do justice to your budget or your go-kart. We advise that you should rather buy the whole kit and assemble those. It is cost-effective, and you will be sure that every part is according to the desired size. As we have written above, you can buy the kit from here.

Go Kart Kit Price

Go-Kart Kit Price$754.95

Go- Kart Engines Prices

Stock EnginesPrice
212cc Tillotson Hemi Engine$238.00 – $273.00
212cc Tillotson Hemi Engine, Electric Start$279.00 – $314.00
196cc Gasoline Engine, Electric Start$197.00
79cc Gasoline Engine$179.00
150cc Engine, TrailMaster 150XRS$749.00
Mid-XRX 6.5hp Electric Start Engine –$389.95
Performance EnginesPrice
Tillotson 196R Race-Ready Engine$650.00
Tillotson 196R Racing Base Engine, No Flywheel$289.00
Tillotson 196R Racing Engine Package$429.00
225RS Tillotson Racing Engine$999.99
225cc Tillotson Performance Engine$849.95
Stage 3 Tillotson 212cc Performance Racing Engine$999.00
Stage 2 Tillotson 212cc Performance Racing Engine$699.00 – $910.95
Stage 1 Tillotson 212cc Performance Racing Engine, Pull Start$420.00 – $595.00
Stage 1 Tillotson 212cc Performance Racing Engine, Electric Start$450.00 – $625.00
Tillotson 225R S Engine Long Block$519.00
Stage 2 212cc Predator Performance Engine$669.00 – $716.00
National Level AKRA Clone Engine by PC Motorworks$975.00

Go Kart Frame Price

Go-Kart Kit Frame XLPrice
Go-Kart Kit Frame XL$495.00 or as low as $29.00/mo

You can choose between the variations and get your hands on the best-priced option for yourself and build a go-kart for your dreams. Keep in mind that if you aren’t an expert in the field of handling technical things, you should refrain from taking over the project and consult a professional. Your safety is our top priority.

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