How to Make a Go-Kart Street Legal [Detailed Guide]

Read this detailed step by step guide to find out how to make a go-kart street legal.
How to Make a Go-Kart Street Legal

Go-kart owners who have searched for answers to the question, “How can I make my go-kart street legal?” can find the information they need here. Since Art Ingles invented the first go-kart in 1956, the vehicle has had tremendous popularity throughout America.

Millions of Americans enjoy riding these vehicles for many reasons, including leisurely rides, competitive races, and exploratory trips in remote areas. However, because of its unique design, registering it for use on public roads proved to be a challenging or impossible task.

Please continue reading as I answer your questions and discuss the legality of using go-karts on public roads. You’ll also find comprehensive guidelines for fulfilling the many norms necessary to register a go-kart for use on public roads in the USA. Then, let’s not waste any more time and get down to business.

Is It Even Possible to Make Go-Kart Street Legal?

Perhaps we give “Street Legal” a far broader definition than it really has. In contrast, if I had to answer this question with a simple yes or no, I’d have to reply with a simple yes. But there are many factors to consider when researching how to make a go-kart street legal, and as it is, most go-karts cannot be driven on roads.

Each go-kart type and manufacturer has its own set of rules and regulations that the driver must follow. Before a go-kart may be driven legally on public roadways, many changes must be made, most of them related to safety.

However, keep in mind that making your go-kart street legal may result in noticeable changes to the go-overall kart’s appearance, performance, and intended use. You can make a go-kart street legal, but doing so could mean that it is no longer as unique and exclusive as it once was.

Meanwhile, have a look at this cool video from Bob H. Garage about 10 steps to a street legal shifter kart go kart.

How to Make a Go-Kart Street Legal – Step By Step Guide

Now let’s get down to the meat of this piece. Driving a go-kart is a lot of fun, and I can attest to that. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of these automobiles are not street-legal and cannot be driven on public roads. On the other hand, you may have seen some illegally operated go-karts on the streets, but that doesn’t mean that you should start moving in your illegal one yourself.

Trying to figure out what it takes to have a go-kart approved for public roads? As we’ve already shown, however, you can easily modify your go-kart to meet local street legal requirements. The process may seem laborious, but if you’re serious about go-karting, it’s time well spent. Please follow along as I demonstrate how to convert a go-kart to legal road use.

Assemble Everything

Your go-kart isn’t a car, tractor, bus, or motorcycle; please remember this from the outset. However, this category of automobiles stands apart from all others. But the typical go-kart is missing several safety measures required by law. So, let’s begin by compiling a list of such tools and supplies.

How to Make a Go-Kart Street Legal

These are the bare minimum components that must be assembled and fixed. One or two of the items on the list may need to be adjusted to account for variations in the state. Nonetheless, making these adjustments seems to be a substantial task and sounds like a lotta work. But frankly speaking, that’s what we go-kart fans would need to do if we wanted to take the excitement outside without breaking the law.

These components are widely available at car parts retailers, both physically and digitally. The local salvage yard is another option if you’re on a tight budget.

Run A Thorough Inspection

Now that you’ve finished tweaking your go-kart to perfection, you should take it in for a speed inspection. The DMV in your state will likely send out an official examiner to check how fast your go-kart can travel. A law enforcement official must verify that you have properly installed all required components.

If the police officer asks you any questions about the go-kart, you should respond honestly. Maintain the go-kart in pristine condition before, during, and after the examination. Your go-kart will make a better impression, and you’ll likely obtain the go-ahead sooner.

Now, the components that will be examined vary from one state to the next. Including all of the items on the list in your installation should satisfy all applicable state requirements.

In such an instance, the officer will inform you to install the missing item and schedule another time to return for inspection if it passes. Referring to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website may help you meet all the criteria necessary to get your license.

Perform A Speed Test

If you’ve completed the first two steps, then it’s time to start the paperwork. Here, the DMV inspector will see how fast your go-kart can travel. Most states classify go-karts as light-sport vehicles (Low-Speed vehicles.)

For the duration of this test, your speed must not exceed 25 miles per hour. If your score is greater than that, you won’t pass. Please don’t try to reach peak speed in this section. The primary objective of these legislative efforts is to mimic the characteristics and, most importantly, the safety of a standard motor vehicle.

The speed is the one aspect you won’t be able to duplicate. Driving at such a leisurely speed will protect you and other motorists on the road.

Do a complete engine check before heading to the exam so that it doesn’t stall out. After that, you should top up the oil and inspect the other fluids in the engine. Again, additional caution is required to ensure that the testing process goes well.

An inspection of required safety equipment comes first, followed by a test of driving ability and speed. The reflecting triangle denoting LSV may be added afterward, as some may argue. You should put it to the test, however. It would demonstrate how seriously you take go-kart security.

One of the stranger things I’ve seen people do is take the go-kart rides before they have been granted approval. Your beloved go-kart will be confiscated if you do anything insane like that, and you will most surely get a ticket. Assemble it on the back of your vehicle or take it apart into manageable pieces to transport it to the exam. Do not ride on your go-kart while taking it for inspection.

Go Kart Registration

After completing all of the checks and alterations, all that is left to do is fill out the required paperwork. In order to clarify the registration procedure, I will break it down into three sections.

Keep in mind that it’s not possible to complete the registration process for a go-kart until the first two steps are finished. Now let’s go a little further into the specifics.

  • Go-Kart Insurance

In the same way that cars and trucks need insurance, go-karts need, too. Auto insurance is required in every state, save Virginia and New Hampshire. There are a lot of benefits to having go-kart insurance. You and your go-kart both will be protected from financial and legal harm if you invest in insurance. To what extent you are safeguarded is determined by the policies you carry with various insurance firms. Here are some of the things that most insurance companies provide coverage for:

  • Accidental Damage To The Vehicle
  • Personal Injuries Claims
  • Theft
  • Fire Hazard

If you’re careful when picking an insurer, you may be able to add coverage for more things too. But there aren’t many insurers that cover go-karts. Insurance might be required either before or after registration in certain states. Registration in some states is based upon proof of insurance. Keep that in mind when you go to register the go-kart with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Application For Title

Obtaining a title and VIN might be difficult if you built the go-kart yourself from scratch by acquiring all of the necessary parts from various sources. Each state has its own set of laws regarding homemade go-karts. Nonetheless, I hope this overview of applying for a title and VIN help you get started. The DMV is the best resource for up-to-date information.

  • To get a title and VIN, you must first submit a completed DMV form.
  • After doing that, you’ll need to provide your ID and an address verification letter. It will guarantee your status as a long-term resident of a certain US state. A valid driver’s license, voter identification card, bank statement, or current utility bill will suffice as evidence.
  • Because you assembled the go-kart from individual components, you must provide receipts for expensive components like the motor, transmission, frame, and body. You’ll need to provide appropriate documentation showing the pieces were salvaged rather than purchased from a shop if you want to claim any of the costs associated with their replacement.
  • Finally, you’ll have to explain where you got the parts for the go-kart and how they were put together. In addition to that declaration, you may want to provide some photographs of the front and back of the kart you built. Get the statement notarized to ensure its validity in court.
  • Registration

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably passed all the exams and filed all the documentation required. Let’s go ahead and revise the usual registration criteria one more time.

How to Make a Go-Kart Street Legal

If the go-kart meets these requirements, it may be registered. The DMV now requires you to submit additional paperwork in order to finalize your registration.

There is no definitive list, and the exact paperwork needed may vary from state to state. I will give you a rough outline.

  • Go-Kart Bill Of Sale 
  • Title And VIN
  • Common Driving Permit

Documents like these are often used to confirm the owner’s identity and legal right to operate a motor vehicle. Keep the paperwork from your registration in a secure location after you’re done with it. Your likelihood of being stopped by the police is likely to increase or decrease depending on the state in which you reside. If you don’t have the proper documentation, you might receive a ticket, or in severe cases, your go-kart might get confiscated too.

How to Make a Go-Kart Street Legal in Texas?

Texas is a popular go-kart destination because of its mild climate and diverse environment. Once again, off-road vehicles are subject to somewhat different regulations. Registration of these vehicles is not permitted in the Lone Star State.

To get a plate number for an off-road vehicle, though, you’ll need to make a few tweaks before the transportation department in the county or city in which you want to drive can approve it. Once you’ve finished tweaking it, your go-cart may legally be used on public roads as a recreational off-road vehicle (ROV).

Go-carts are allowed on roads having a maximum speed restriction of 35 miles per hour, provided that the license plate is clearly visible at all times. Nonetheless, there are situations when you may operate a go-kart without a license plate.

The vast majority of them are employed by local departments or police enforcement on official business. Learn more about the guidelines and requirements for converting to an off-road vehicle here.

How to Make a Go-Kart Street Legal in California?

The state’s rugged mountains and open terrain make it an ideal setting for go-karts, which are quite popular there. Art Ingles also created his first cart in California. California has one of the most extensive networks of kart tracks in the United States, and the sport’s popularity has grown rapidly in recent decades.

However, before you can take your go-kart out on the street in California, you’ll need to follow the state’s laws and regulations, which aren’t quite as much fun as actually driving the go-kart. An in-depth explanation of the go-to procedure is already mentioned above. So, I won’t go into too much depth, but I’ll share some inside information with you.

Go-karts are prohibited from being driven on open roadways and highways in California under the Vehicle Code because they are considered off-road vehicles intended purely for leisure reasons. This procedure is almost identical to the one I described before, with the exception of a few special conditions.

Go-kart engines, for instance, must be approved by the California Air Resources Board before they may be used on public roads (CARB). A green label is given to go-karts that are up to code in terms of emissions. The red badge, on the other hand, denotes go-karts manufactured after 2003.

Red-stickered go-karts may only be used during the appropriate riding seasons. If you live in California and want to convert your go-kart into a legal road vehicle, you should read Division 16.5 of the California Vehicle Code, which lays out all the specifics and regulations your go-kart must meet.

Do You Need a License to Drive a Go-Kart on the Street?

The primary reason to get a driver’s license is to prove that you are mature enough to operate a motor vehicle legally. You cannot legally drive a car on public streets without the proper licensing. Varied people will give you conflicting responses to the topic regarding whether or not a license is required to drive a go-kart.

In this case, you can either get a license that specifically allows you to ride a go-kart, or you can get a regular driver’s license. If you’re asking for a special license to operate a go-kart, the answer is no; there isn’t a single US state that issues such licenses or even allows them to be obtained.

Should you have a regular driver’s license? Yes, without a doubt, provided you are prepared to modify your go-kart and use it on public streets. Because once modified, a go-kart may be classified as an LSV or OHV, the latter of which just required a conventional driver’s license.

However, a license is not required for recreational driving on either indoor or outdoor tracks or trails.

How Old Do You Have to be to Drive a Go-Kart on the Road?

In fact, the response to this inquiry is closely connected to that of the preceding inquiry. As I indicated before, you are required to have a standard driver’s license, which may be obtained through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in each state.

I also said that your go-kart might be classified as a low-speed vehicle if it were street legalized (LSV). The more pertinent inquiry is, therefore, what is the minimum age requirement for obtaining a complete driver’s license.

What is the conclusion? In just about any case, as you probably well know, the laws are different in each state. Have a look at this site to find out the legal driving age requirements of all 50 states.

Where Can I Drive My Go-Kart Legally?

It’s natural for an adult who owns or is considering purchasing a go-kart to question where they may drive it legally. The good news is that you may legally operate your go-kart in a number of locations.

If you modify your go-kart to meet legal street standards, you may find that a lot of doors open up for you. I’ll get to it in a while. For the time being, go-karts may only be driven on racetracks, authorized karting trails, private land, and approved public spaces, but not on roadways.

Go-karts are often only driven on race courses since they are the most controlled environment for the drivers. Go-karting is a lot of fun, and it’s even better when you can do it in a safe, contained setting, like at a track. If you don’t have your own go-kart, you may rent one there along with all the necessary safety gear.

Many circuits cater to diverse go-karting styles, such as leisurely cruising and competitive racing. The government approves of these tracks, and they may be found just about everywhere in the United States. A valid picture ID is all that’s required to have a good time there.

Trails and dirt tracks are fantastic places to do go-karting legally if you’re looking for a more demanding experience. These are another kind of racing course, but their rough surfaces and steep inclines make them more challenging than standard kart courses. These paths, however, are scarcer than regular jogging tracks.

Lastly, operating a go-kart on your own property is completely legal. You are free to drive on whatever property you own, whether it is your front lawn or hundreds of acres of farmland.

Some public places even encourage go-kart racing as a form of entertainment. Beaches are a popular example of this kind of public space. The local government has given its stamp of approval to these establishments. Make sure the region in question has been given permission for driving before venturing there.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve reached the conclusion of the blog post, I hope you have a firm grasp of the situation out on the streets. The subject of how to make a go-kart lawful on public streets does not have a straightforward solution. Even if there are variations in the legislation from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the basic principles remain consistent.

Planning for making your go-kart legal for public use should begin immediately. If you follow the instructions in the tutorial, you should be able to get your go-kart on the road. All your efforts will pay off when you can confidently drive your go-kart along the street.

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