How To Install A Motorcycle Engine On A Go Kart?

Install a motorcycle engine on a go kart easily by reading this detailed guide. Click to read more.
Install A Motorcycle Engine On A Go Kart

Installing a motorcycle engine on a go kart can be tricky for those who aren’t aware of how engines work, or who have absolutely no idea about mechanical stuff. But you, my friend, have nothing to worry about because in this step by step guide we will walk you through the whole process of mounting the engine on a go kart.

How To Install A Motorcycle Engine On A Go Kart?

You will need the following items to start the whole process: motorcycle engine, go kart, hex wrench set and socket wrench set. Keep in mind that this might not be a DIY project and you might need to take the help of a professional to do the needful. Get your hands on the 250cc to 500cc single cylinder or parallel twin cylinder motorcycle engine that might be available in your local motorcycle scrap yards. Keep in mind that anything above than 500cc will be too much powerful for mounting on the go kart.

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Step By Step Guide On Installing A Motorcycle Engine On A Go Kart

  1. Using your socket set, remove the old engine from your go kart. Ensure to retain the old accelerator linkage and the mounting points.
  2. Disconnect and remove the driving belt or chain from the go-kart and also remove the go-kart transmission.
  3. You need to find out the overall size of the engine as well as the location in the go-kart where the engine will be placed in order to make the appropriate preparations. In order to avoid experiencing any kind of issues, it is essential to make certain that the exhaust tube will be directed away from your head. So, you’ll need to change the direction of the exhaust tube to somewhere else.
  4. Utilizing a pencil and some graph paper, devise a strategy for the positioning of the engine that will be used in the go-kart, and then write it down. Check to verify whether the go-back kart’s axle sprocket will be able to align with the final drive transmission before you attempt to install it.
  5. To construct the new mounting points, you will need square tube steel material with a side measurement of 3/4 inches. Motorcycle engines normally have three mounting points, two of which are located in the front of the vehicle, and one of which is located in the back of the vehicle.
  6. Use each of these mounting points so that you may protect yourself from potential harm. Test everything before finally placing the engine. Because of the additional load that will be placed on the vehicle, it is essential to make certain that the engine is positioned as low as it possibly can be inside the chassis.
  7. Either firmly attach the new mounting points to the frame, or weld them into place, in order to ensure that they are installed in the correct manner.
  8. Perform a trial installation of the motorbike engine, paying attention to how the drive chain sprockets line up with one another. Install the engine by fastening the bolts.
  9. There are a few moving parts that need to be put in place, including the drive chain, the new fuel line, the accelerator linkage, and the clutch linkage. Parts from a motorcycle may be used to make a clutch that can be activated with either the foot or the hand. One option for doing this is to use the hand clutch that is conveniently located on the steering wheel.
  10. After the starting switch has been installed, a manual engine kill switch should be wired between the battery and the spark plug. This allows the switch to be used manually in the event of an emergency.
  11. Following the installation of the starting switch, a manual engine stop switch must be attached between the battery and the spark plug. In the case of an unexpected circumstance, this enables the switch to be operated manually.
  12. After giving the engine a little gasoline and getting it started, you should check to see that the crankcase is lubricated and that the spark plugs are in good working order. The timing belt’s tension should also be checked and changed if necessary. Wearing a helmet is mandatory before turning on your new go-kart, so be cautious. You mustn’t overlook your safety.

Can You Use A Motorcycle Engine In A Go-Kart?

Yes, you can. A motorcycle engine is a perfect replacement for the old, weak one in your go-kart. The perfect motorcycle engine will be a single cylinder 250cc to 500cc engine that is available in your local scrap yard. Keep in mind to buy an engine from that has the same or near-to power characteristics and torque as your go kart.

How Fast Is 100cc Go-Kart?

A 100cc go kart can max out at about 60-70 mph.

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